Media statement from LNP Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart

28 Jul 2017 10:59 AMMichael Hart

Media statement from LNP Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Today’s Budget Estimates hearings at State Parliament uncovered that the Palaszczuk Government had failed to ensure Queensland consumers would get power bill relief from Labor’s much-touted $770 million subsidy scheme.


“When the LNP asked the government what formal protection mechanisms are in place to ensure the solar bonus scheme subsidy is passed onto consumers, the answer was … there are none,” LNP Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart said. 


“So it’s a case of ‘fingers crossed’ from this clueless Labor Government that when they throw $770 million dollars of taxpayers money up in the air that it’ll end up back in the hands of the consumers they’re claiming to help.


“Worse still, senior Labor bureaucrats were forced to admit several energy retailers already aren’t passing on the savings to customers and they’ve only just issued a ‘please explain’ letter to them to ask why.


“Labor then conceded power bills will sky-rocket at the end of three years when the subsidy ends.


“It’s just not good enough when there over $700 million of taxpayer funding is on the line.”


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