Congratulations to Graduating Year 12 Students

15 Nov 2012 12:53 PM

Congratulations to those students graduating from Year 12 this year.

Completing Year 12 is a wonderful achievement and something of which you should be very proud.

Trust me when I say, you will look back on your school years in later life with much fondness, knowing it was the time where you met your life-long friends and developed the interests that will lay the foundation for your future career.

Education is the key to realising your full potential and I fully encourage you to continue learning throughout your life time.

Whether you plan on further studies at university, TAFE or plan on entering the workforce, I sincerely wish you well. I would also encourage you to enhance your community network and life experience by volunteering for a local community organisation.

As your State Member for Burleigh I firmly believe in bringing our community together and making it stronger and should you ever need any assistance with local matters please contact me.

Best regards,


Michael Hart


PS – One way you can start having an immediate impact in your community is by registering to vote!
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