Actions Speak Louder than Words on Energy Reform

9 Aug 2012 3:42 PMMichael Hart


DIRECT action by the Newman Government to address soaring electricity prices will do more for struggling families than Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s hollow words.
Michael Hart Member for Burleigh said the issue of electricity prices now appearing on the national agenda, was because Premier Campbell Newman raised it at COAG.


“Cost of living is a key issue for my electorate and Queensland, in particular electricity pricing. Premier Campbell Newman raised this matter at his second COAG meeting,” said Mr Hart.

Mr Hart said actions spoke louder than words on electricity reform.

“Days after taking office in March this year, the Newman Government moved to freeze the standard residential tariff (Tariff 11) at last year’s prices,” he said.

“There’s great hope for the future and the Newman government has been proactive in addressing electricity pricing issues that directly affect my community.”

In May 2012, the Newman Government announced the establishment of ‘The Inter-Departmental Committee on Electricity Sector Reform’.

On 13 July 2012, the Premier announced a ’30 Year Plan for Queensland’s Electricity Sector’ would be delivered within six months.

Mr Hart said he was excited about the prospect of generating long term investment certainty to a sector plagued by decisions based on short term planning which have been driving up costs.

“The LNP Government has been working tirelessly to address these issues, and it is surprising to see the Prime Minister only starting to take notice after the introduction of Federal Labor’s Carbon Tax,” he said.

“Julia Gillard and Labor have been in office for almost five years. In that time, her only contribution to electricity prices has been to impose a Carbon Tax and renewable energy targets that have sent prices soaring.”

The Inter-Departmental Committee (IDC) review of the state’s Electricity Sector will look at network costs, energy supply and retail competition. The IDC will make recommendations on energy supply, pricing issues, retail competition and other issues.

The Independent Review Panel (IRP) (a sub-committee of the IDC), will provide recommendations on: the optimal structures of Government-Owned Corporation network business (Energex and Ergon); the efficiency of current network capital and operational expenditure within the GOC businesses (Powerlink, Energex and Ergon Energy); and current and future issues in relation to national regulatory reform for the network businesses. 


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