Adjournment – Burleigh Electorate, Events

29 Oct 2014 10:30 AMMichael Hart


Burleigh Electorate, Events


Mr HART (Burleigh—LNP) (9.41 pm): I rise to update the House on my activities over the weekend in my very small electorate of Burleigh. On Saturday morning, it was my great pleasure to open the Mission Foods Primary Schools Netball Cup. There were 75 teams represented and 750 young netballers who were keen to compete over the weekend. I congratulate the South Coast Netball Association for hosting the carnival and Netball Queensland for organising the competition.

The Mallawa Drive Sports complex is a great complex. It has been aided by the Gold Coast City Council and the department of recreation and sport to redo some of its facilities, including the lighting. However, there is a bigger issue around that particular area. I would like to see a master plan developed for the Mallawa area, because it caters to many sports such as hockey, soccer and cricket, which all want to use the facilities. Therefore, it would be really great to see a master plan. I have been speaking to the minister about making that happen over the coming years.

After leaving the carnival, I went to the Burleigh farmers market, where I held an information booth for three hours. I talked to the people of Burleigh about the Get Ready campaign to prepare for the storm season. That is a very important issue in my electorate. The week before, we had given away a get-ready box. We went down to Bunnings and we put together a box that contained what people should have in their houses, such as radios, batteries, water and so on. We gave that box away in an online competition.

I then attended the GC600 for a couple of hours. As I said earlier today, I tested out the G:link on the way up there and the way back. I then went to the Palm Beach Soccer Club end of year awards. I understand the Palm Beach Soccer Club, which is the home of the Sharks, has about 12 awards each year. I presented the club’s person of the year award. President Peter Williamson was there. The club has had a great year. They were the 2014 PS4 NPL champions. They won the NPL grand final. They were quarter finalists in the FFA Cup and they were the winners of the 2014 Macron Cup. They are definitely fighting above their weight.

On Sunday I went to the Palm Beach State School fete. I congratulate Nikki Robinson for the wonderful job she did in organising that fete. I sponsored a surfboard ride. It was interesting to watch people trying to get on the surfboard and stay there. Most of them could not. I was not prepared to have a go, but I did watch the process. I talked the principal into the ice bucket challenge and I managed to throw a bucket of ice over him.

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