ALP Caught Padding State Infrastructure Plan

15 Mar 2016 2:56 PMMichael Hart


ALP Caught Padding State Infrastructure Plan

ALP Caught Padding State Infrastructure Plan


Member for Burleigh is furious once again Burleigh will miss out after the Palaszczuk Labor Government revealed no new infrastructure for the electorate in their State Infrastructure Plan.


Michael Hart MP said that the Burleigh community is now worse off as a result of Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, trying to pad out Labor’s glossy brochure with already completed projects.


“It is unacceptable that the only project listed for Burleigh over the next 4 years is the already completed and open Burleigh Fire Station I championed and delivered while in Government,” Mr Hart said.


“The State Infrastructure Plan is not worth the paper it is printed on and I query how many more projects listed in its pages are in fact already completed works delivered under the previous LNP Government.”


After 13 months, there is nothing new in this plan, all Labor has produced is a document full of recycled projects and a wish-list for the Federal Government.


The Deputy Premier has admitted that the $35 billion in spending identified in the document was already in last year’s budget so it really is ‘just last night’s dinner reheated’ as described by Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Tim Nicholls.


Quite simply, the Premier and the Deputy Premier have slashed spending and ground infrastructure investment to a halt in their first year of government. Sadly it’s going to take a long time for Labor’s infrastructure freeze to thaw out.


“In contrast, we have a “Real Economic Plan” that will power-up the economy and create the vital jobs that go with it,” Mr Hart explains.

“The LNP is committed to ending Labor’s freeze on building approvals; we’re committed to keeping families and communities healthy and safe – including keeping the successful illegal criminal gang laws; and we’re committed to building frontline services across all parts of Queensland, just as we did in government.”


The Palaszczuk Labor Government can’t make a decision; they are under the thumb of union bosses; and just makes things up as they go along. Jobs growth has slumped and Queensland’s economy is slipping back while others are powering ahead.


Labor is frozen at the wheel.


[ENDS] 15 March 2016                                                                   

Contact: Burleigh Electorate Office – 5560 4100


(ref: page 92 & 95 of Part B: Program under 1-4 year program, Fire & Emergency Services)


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