Bailey must rule out power bill increases for Queenslanders

9 Sep 2016 8:43 AMMichael Hart


Bailey must rule out power bill increases for Queenslanders

Thursday, 8 September 2016


  • Mark Bailey and Annastacia Palaszczuk take credit for Federal LNP supported solar generation projects, despite Labor making no financial contribution to the fund that’s delivering them

  • Labor must assure Queenslanders their renewable energy target won’t lead to higher power prices, taxpayer funded subsidies and taxes on other forms of power generation

  • Mark Bailey is on the record criticising ARENA – the very fund delivering these projects for Queenslanders


    Energy Minister Mark Bailey must assure Queenslanders they will not be slapped with higher power bills after he stood alongside Annastacia Palaszczuk taking credit for six new federally funded solar generation projects.


    Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart said while the six new solar generation projects announced today where a positive step forward for the State, Queenslanders needed assurance from the Government that it won’t be hitting their hip pocket.


“Moving towards renewable energy sources makes sense but not if all Queenslanders end up paying higher power bills to subsidise green energy,” Mr Hart said.


“The Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to 50% renewable energy sources by 2030 has the potential to cost Queensland taxpayers $10.8 billion in subsidies and increase power bills to all householders.


“Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to guarantee Queenslanders that their power bills won’t rise as a result of her policies.


“Since May, Labor has refused to release the final report from the Queensland Productivity Commission on the impacts of their renewable energy target, which begs the question – what do they have to hide?”


Mr Hart said it was rich of Mr Bailey to stand up and take credit for these regional energy projects when just a few months ago he was publically criticising the ARENA fund.


“Just a few months ago the Minister was doom and gloom, claiming Queensland projects were “under threat” due to changes in the fund,” Mr Hart said.


“Flash forward a few months, and here he is trying to gain political capital from these very projects.


“It’s just another example of this asleep at the wheel Labor Government putting their own interests ahead of everyday Queenslanders.


“Unlike Labor, the Federal Coalition Government has backed renewals in Queensland, supporting almost $640 million in investment across these six projects in the State’s regions, which have the potential to create up to 1500 jobs.


“We support the National Renewal Energy Target and welcome the Turnbull Government’s investment in job-creating projects for Queensland.”


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