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15 Nov 2013 12:43 PMMichael Hart

MR HART ASKED THE MINISTER FOR HOUSING AND PUBLIC WORK Will the Minister advise: a) How many households have been provided housing assistance since March 2012 in the electorate of Burleigh (listed by number of applicants as at March 2012 and as at August 2013); and b) What steps the Newman Government is taking to further reduce public housing waiting lists?

During the period 1 March 2012 to 31 August 2013, 83 new households were assisted into long term social rental housing in the Burleigh State Electorate.
Approximately 330 households were assisted into private rental housing through the provision of bond loans.
923 households were assisted with RentConnect services through the Robina Housing Service Centre, with 393 tenancies known to be secured (it should be noted that these figures also include clients residing outside the Burleigh State Electorate).
In addition, there were 20 households assisted into private rental through the provision of National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) incentives.
There were 601 applications registered for long term social housing as at 31 March 2012; and 317 applications registered for long term social housing as at 31 August 2013.
Factors contributing to the decrease in long term social housing applications include the implementation of improved processes at housing service centre front counters, resulting in a greater streamlining of applicants to housing products that best suit their needs.
In addition, an increased focus on current public housing tenants through ongoing eligibility reviews, under-occupancy reviews and fixed term tenancies has led to an increase in tenants who no longer require social housing assistance exiting their property, allowing households with current applications to be housed.
The Government’s new Housing 2020 strategy contains a number of initiatives and projects aimed at supporting as many people as possible to access appropriate affordable housing, which will in turn further reduce social housing waiting lists.
The objectives of the Housing 2020 Strategy are to:
1. Build 12,000 additional social and affordable housing dwellings.
2. Transfer the management of 90 percent of all social housing dwellings to the non-Government sector.
3. Create conditions for eight to 10 major providers in social housing management working with smaller specialist providers through a fair and equitable procurement model.
4. Reduce state wide under-occupancy of social housing to 2 percent.
5. Provide assistance to 250,000 low-income households to remain in, or move to, the private rental market instead of social housing.
6. Facilitate five major urban renewal projects, including revitalising areas which have a high concentration of social housing.
7. Implement an integrated triage system for those with multiple needs, including disabilities, entering the housing system. This ensures services are used more efficiently and effectively.
8. Deliver 820 new Indigenous properties for rent, and transition at least 200 Indigenous families to home ownership in remote communities to reduce overcrowding and take the pressure off social housing.
9. Implement the National Regulatory System Framework to help develop and oversee a robust and financially viable community housing sector.



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