Burleigh Electorate, Crime Statistics

8 Aug 2014 11:10 AMMichael Hart


Burleigh Electorate, Crime Statistics


Mr HART (Burleigh—LNP) (2.51 pm): I rise today to talk about some great crime statistics for my seat of Burleigh on the Gold Coast. When I was first elected in 2012 one of the very first phone calls that I received was from Miami Seniors Tennis Club. They had had 13 break-ins in two weeks. A young gang of thugs had gone around and smashed windows and kicked and broken down doors. They had actually managed to get inside the club and had done quite a bit of damage—$10,000 to $20,000 worth of damage. The members of the club asked me whether there was anything the state government could do to help them or if I could liaise with the council and we could do something about security screens. Fortunately the week before I had run into somebody from a company called DNA Solutions. They provide a marking solution that sprays actual DNA onto a criminal if they break in. This device is fitted into the roof above a door or in a bar or somewhere like that. It is triggered by somebody breaking in. It has a movement sensor and when somebody walks under it they are sprayed with DNA. The DNA is specific to the site. I went back to DNA Solutions and I asked them if there was something we could do for the Miami Seniors Tennis Club. They were kind enough to install some machinery that had a value of about $4,000. That was two years ago. We put some signs on the windows. We told people what had happened. They have not had a break-in in two years. What a great result!


That is just one of the great results that we have had in my electorate. Because of the rapid action police response and the wonderful work that the police at Palm Beach, Broadbeach and Robina police stations do we have had a fall in robberies in my electorate. They are down by 37 per cent. What a great result that is! We have had unlawful use of motor vehicles fall by 29 per cent and assaults are down 24 per cent. Overall total reported offences are down 21 per cent and unlawful entries are down 20 per cent. That is an indication of what a great job this government is doing on law and order for electorates like my electorate of Burleigh. I commend the ministers involved.

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