Burleigh to Become Australia’s Safest Shopping Precinct

23 Oct 2012 12:00 AMMichael Hart


Burleigh could soon be home to Australia’s safest shopping precinct if a local MP and security company have their way.
The State Member for Burleigh Michael Hart and local security company DNA Security Solutions share a common goal to make Burleigh the safest shopping precinct in Australia by rolling out a security program which uses leading edge DNA spray technology to deter criminals.

The DNA spray gives local Gold Coast Police the forensic evidence to identify and link offenders to the crime they commit and has proven to be the solution to reducing armed hold ups and break-ins in the Burleigh area.

Mr Hart said, “We would like to make Burleigh the safest shopping precinct in Australia by working with the local Central Chamber of Commerce and implementing this technology throughout the Burleigh shopping precinct.”

“This technology has the potential to make a positive impact on the local Burleigh economy by saying to customers; you can enjoy the charm of the Burleigh shopping district and shop in safety. And when people feel safe they will be more inclined to enjoy our fantastic array of bars, restaurants and other shopping outlets – which is great for our local economy,” Mr Hart said.

The DNA spray technology uses a unique DNA code which becomes visible under a black ultraviolet light. When activated the non-toxic DNA spray covers the offender remaining on the skin for up to six weeks and indefinitely on other items like knives and guns.

The new DNA technology is already having success around Australia and has proved a major deterrent for criminals targeting the Gold Coast Seniors Tennis Club at Pizzey Park in Miami. Another local business to greatly benefit from DNA technology is Nobbys Beach Pharmacy, who suffered 4 armed hold ups In 18 months until installing DNA Guardian and has now had 3 years without any further instances.

The tennis club has trialled the DNA spray in combination with other security measures, and the club has already seen a dramatic reduction in the volume of break-ins down from a peak of nine in the space of 14 days to zero.

Mr Hart and DNA Security Solutions are keen to team up with the Central Chamber of Commerce to look at ways to reduce crime in the local area which can then be used as a template for the greater Gold Coast.


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