Community Input on Increasing Value of Recreational Fishing

18 Mar 2013 12:00 AMMichael Hart


Every angler has a favourite fishing spot, and the Member for Burleigh Michael Hart is urging locals to reveal theirs for the good of the local economy.

Mr Hart said he is seeking community input on how the tourism value of recreational fishing can be increased, and how the Burleigh region might benefit from it.


Mr Hart is undertaking the consultation as a member of the State Government’s Tourism Backbench Working Group.


“The Newman Government appreciates the contribution that recreational fishers make to our community and economy,” Mr Hart said.


“For too long under the former Labor Government, the recreational fishing community was ignored and treated with contempt.


“We will listen to recreational fishers to see what the Newman Government can do to help support and grow this valuable past-time and industry.


“Importantly, this project will provide recommendations to the Tourism Minister on ways to grow the recreational fishing tourism sector.


“There are plenty of people who pack their rod or reel when going on holidays or away for the weekend, and there are a fishing competitions up and down the coast which attract a regular influx of participants.


“These are the aspects of recreational fishing which the Working Group wants to see expanded and generate greater local economic value in the process.”


Assistant Minister for Tourism and chair of the Tourism Backbench Working Group said the six-week community consultation on the project will commence immediately, with a final report expected to be delivered to the Premier, Tourism Minister and Fisheries Minister in June.


“The Newman Government places great value on recreational fishing as a potential growth sector for Queensland’s tourism industry and we are committed to listening to local communities, businesses and fishers to get their input,” Mr King said.


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