E-Tablets for Burleigh Special Needs Students

8 Nov 2012 4:52 PMMichael Hart


Local Member Michael Hart has announced that Burleigh Heads State School had received 16 tablet computers (e-tablets) as part of the Newman Government’s $3.5 million eLearning for Special Needs Students’ initiative.



Michael Hart said the Newman Government had provided more than 7,000 e-tablets for Queensland state schools with special education programs.


“This election commitment is opening up a whole range of new learning possibilities for students with a disability,” Mr Hart said.


“We delivered up to 20 iPads and e-tablets to more than 40 state special schools across Queensland, and up to 10 devices to other state schools offering special education programs, for the start of this term.


“It is exciting to see that students are already using this technology enthusiastically, and how teachers are putting the devices to good use in the classroom to cater for students’ diverse learning needs.”


Michael Hart said the assistive features of e-tablets had enormous potential for students with a disability, helping them to communicate and learn.


“Children who are unable to speak can type words and have the e-tablets verbalise their thoughts,” Mr Hart said.


“Other students use eye movement to operate the technology, making communication and learning much easier for those who have severely restricted physical mobility.


“Students have greater independence, more input into their learning, and are initiating and expressing their thoughts through this technology.”


Michael Hart said the eLearning for Special Needs Students’ initiative followed a successful trial.


“Feedback from teachers and parents was that this technology provided significant benefits for students, including improved student engagement,” Mr Hart said.


“Other trials interstate and overseas have also demonstrated how special needs students have achieved better outcomes at school through the use of e-tablet technology.”


[ENDS] 8 November 2012


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