Electricity pricing report should be publicly released today

Independent QPC has found Labor Government policies will drive up costs for families


The Palaszczuk Labor Government must today release an independent report recommending ways of reducing power costs for Queensland families and businesses.


Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart said the Queensland Productivity Commission’s (QPC) final report into electricity pricing had today been handed to the Labor Government.


“This $4 million inquiry was set up for the express purpose of providing detailed research and recommendations to put downward pressure on electricity prices and boost competition in Queensland’s electricity market,” Mr Hart said.


“A potential six month delay in releasing this report means Queenslanders will have been waiting two years for Labor to come up with a policy to reduce power prices.


“As part of the inquiry process the QPC received more than 100 submissions and responses from interested stakeholders, businesses and individuals who will rightly want to know what the QPC is recommending and how the government intends to respond.”


Mr Hart said the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s response to the QPC’s draft inquiry left Queenslanders with more questions than answers.


“The draft report outlined a $10.8 billion cost from implementing Labor’s election commitments which will drive up costs for families and businesses,” he said.


“After the release of the last report, Treasurer Curtis Pitt scared the pants off seniors by announcing he was considering scrapping the $321 Electricity Rebate Scheme for Queensland Seniors Card holders, only to scrap the idea 24 hours later.


“This bungled response only highlighted that the Palaszczuk Government has no plan to drive down the cost of living for Queensland families over the long term.


“That’s why Queenslanders deserve to know what independent recommendations the QPC has made.


“The completion of this inquiry is one of the few election commitments this government has actually lived up to, and the government should today be open and transparent and release the final report to the Queensland public.”


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