Electricity Workers Kept in the Dark

1 May 2015 4:23 PMMichael Hart


Electricity Workers Kept in the Dark

The LNP has urged Queenslanders to get behind thousands of electricity workers at risk of losing their jobs across the state.

Today, Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg launched an online petition aimed at highlighting the precarious position of 1500 Ergon and Energex workers.

Member for Burleigh Michael Hart MP said Queenslanders need an honest answer from the Labor Government about the impact of its proposal to merge state owned electricity corporations Energex and Ergon.

“This weekend unions marched alongside Labor MP’s but still questions remain over the government’s commitment to the jobs of frontline electricity workers,” Mr Hart said.

“Labor said an independent review to merge these organisations would save taxpayers $150 million a year but are yet to say where the savings would be found.

“What locals need to know is how many jobs will be lost on the Gold Coast, how many depots will be closed and how many services will disappear.

“Up to 1,500 electricity workers across Queensland face an uncertain future despite Labor promising jobs at the last State election.”

In 2014 the Electrical Trades Union [ETU] said there were 51 depots across Queensland threatened by any changes to the structure of the electricity industry.

“The ETU has been clear in wanting assurances from the government that the merger won’t affect front line services,” Mr Hart said.

“The union officials who stood side by side with ALP politicians know this. These union bosses spent millions of dollars of their members fees on electing this Labor government; the very one that will cut these members jobs and drive up their cost of living.

“This decision will threaten community safety and seriously impact reconnection times through a downsized work force stretched to the limit.

“It seems Labor has quickly forgotten that the Gold Coast is an area vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

“But we should not forget the biggest threat to jobs on the Gold Coast is Labor.”

Petition can be found at: https://lnp.typeform.com/to/A5DIHc

 [ENDS] 3 May 2015        


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