Fitzgerald reforms trashed by Palaszczuk Labor Government

22 Apr 2016 10:36 AMMichael Hart


Fitzgerald reforms trashed by Palaszczuk Labor Government


The Palaszczuk Labor Government has pushed through radical changes to Queensland’s voting system without consulting a single Queenslander.


Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker said the Palaszczuk Government’s true colours were shown as Labor rorted the Parliamentary system and trashed the Fitzgerald reforms in the process.


“Sneaking significant voting changes through the Parliament with only 18 minutes notice flies in the face of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s promise to lead a government of consultation and consensus,” Mr Walker said.


“What we have seen in the Parliament was a trashing of Tony Fitzgerald’s landmark integrity reforms by removing voters’ choice at the ballot box.


“A key part of the Fitzgerald reforms that transformed Queensland was the implementation of optional preferential voting, which gives voters a choice if they want to preference and how many preferences they want to give.


“Queenslanders will no longer be able to just vote 1 for the candidate of their choice if they wish.”


“And worst of all, the Government offered absolutely no justification for their amendment last night with only the Attorney General speaking opposed by 41 LNP speakers,” added member for Burleigh, Michael Hart.


“This is not the actions of a transparent and consultative Government and Queenslanders are having their arms twisted to suit agendas they didn’t vote for.”


Mr Walker said the Palaszczuk Labor Government had robbed Queenslanders of this right in a piece of political trickery at the end of a Parliamentary sitting week.


“These changes were forced through by Premier Palaszczuk with zero consultation,” he said.


“Queenslanders deserve to have their say on a major shift in how democracy is conducted in this state.


“It is indeed a sad day when a government springs this on the Parliament without warning, giving the Opposition only 18 minutes to scrutinise the changes and stand up for voters’ rights.


“The LNP will continue to fight to ensure voters are empowered at the ballot box.”


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