Gold Coast M1

17 Feb 2017 9:15 AMMichael Hart



Queensland Parliament Hansard Green

DATE: 16/02/2017


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Mr HART (Burleigh—LNP) (11.48 am): It was great to sit here and listen to a minister who does not have a clue about his portfolio. He has just spent five minutes telling us about the M1 when he has no idea about the M1. He told us that the last major work on the M1 on the Gold Coast was to ‘Wollongarry’—that is, Worongary. In fact, if the minister bothered to come to the Gold Coast, he would know that the M1 has in fact been widened past Worongary to Mudgeeraba and on to Robina. When did that happen? That happened under the LNP government. In three years the shovels came out, the bulldozers came out, the work got done and the road got widened. Under the LNP government that work got done. It is very similar to between 1996 and 1998 when the M1 was built by the Borbidge government. They planned it, they funded it and they built it in two years. What is Labor’s record in the last two years? We have not seen any work happen at all from the Mudgeeraba flood plain any further south in the two years that they have been in government. We have not seen anything done. We do not have any planning. We do not have anything organised.

Instead of that, what we have is a plan to do the Mudgeeraba flood plain to the Varsity Lakes turn-off. I can tell the minister that that is not going to fix the problem. All it will do is push the congestion further south. If the minister wants to know how to fix this problem, then he needs to talk to the member for Currumbin, the member for Mudgeeraba and me because, after all, we sit in that traffic every day along with 10,352 other people who signed the petition who obviously sit in the same amount of traffic. They want action. They want the minister to get on his bike—because he does not have a car—and stop reviewing and start doing something. The people of Queensland are sick and tired of this do-nothing, asleep-at-the-wheel Labor government. Get on with it and fix the M1.

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