Hannah’s Choice Foundation; Burleigh Groove And Food Festival

31 Jul 2012 9:24 PMMichael Hart


Mr HART (Burleigh—LNP) (9.24 pm): I rise to update the chamber on a couple of events that happened in my electorate on Sunday, 8 July. It was a beautiful day. My wife and I decided to go for a long walk. We walked down Burleigh Hill to Burleigh, and then along the beach to the Pacific Surf Life Saving Club, which is about 10 kilometres.

As many members will know, I was formerly the president of the Burleigh Surf Life Saving Club, so it was with great pride that I went along to help support the Hannah’s Choice Foundation.Some members may be aware of Hannah’s Choice. On that day, six teams of three board riders held a surf competition in aid of the foundation.

The Hannah’s Choice Foundation revolves around a young lady called Hannah. When Hannah was 16 years old, she discovered a lump on her leg. Despite its removal, it turned out to be an aggressive cancer that returned and eventually spread to her lungs. I would like to read from the foundation website about Hannah and her husband, Tom O’Driscoll. It states—

Hannah met her soul mate, Tom O’Driscoll, whilst they were both receiving treatment for their illnesses. Their relationship had all the hallmarks of a fairytale romance but only 10 days prior to their planned wedding day, they were forced to have a moving ceremony by Hannah’s bedside. Hannah succumbed to her illness only three hours after their marriage with Tom by her side.

After that, Tom decided to start the foundation to raise money to battle sarcoma. The website goes on to state that this endeavour was born out of love and founded on a common bond to fight sarcoma. It is very appropriate to talk about Hannah today because some members may be surprised to know—or maybe they will not—that Hannah is the daughter of Tracey Wickham. With the Olympics on, this is a great time to reflect on Hannah’s story.

Following our visit to Pacific Surf Life Saving Club, my wife and I walked back to Burleigh to attend the wonderful Burleigh Groove and Food Festival. We listened to a bit of jazz music and had something to eat. We enjoyed a wonderful day. Burleigh is one of those places that you would like to be every Sunday morning.


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