Hart calls on Brisbane Labor to invest in Burleigh

13 Jun 2017 12:30 PMMichael Hart


Hart calls on Brisbane Labor to invest in Burleigh

13 June 2017


Today’s State Budget is an opportunity for the Brisbane-centric Labor Government to show they will put funding where it is needed and not just to shore up their seats ahead of an election.


Member for Burleigh Michael Hart MP said that the Burleigh community is continually left out of Labor State Budgets while Treasurer Curtis Pitt is making it up as he goes along, trying to plug Labor’s budget black hole.


“It is my hope that the Treasurer will put aside politics and fund local school projects in this year’s budget, the same ones the LNP had a plan to fully fund,” Mr Hart said.


“The LNP had a plan to deliver the education infrastructure our children deserve.”

“To name just a few, we had a plan to provide a much needed security fence at Miami Primary, as well as a disability friendly playground at Caningeraba State School.”


“I’ve also been calling for security cameras and monitoring at Palm Beach State School, resurfacing of Bermuda St and security lighting installation at Burleigh Headland.’


“It’s unfair that families across Burleigh will now miss out on these important projects because Labor has no plan to manage the Queensland economy.”


Mr Hart said the budget is bound to be disappointing as Labor is floundering along without a plan, whereas the LNP understands what the Queensland economy needs.


“An elected LNP Government has already committed to continuing the work we started in restoring business confidence by reducing red tape for small businesses.


“We want to see the small business sector, which represents more than 95 per cent of all Queensland businesses, able to grow and create jobs.”


Families throughout the Gold Coast and across Queensland are constantly raising the cost of living as one of their major concerns and Labor is not listening with increases on car registration, electricity prices and higher taxes set to hit hard.


“Labor has continued to hike up registration on the family car every year, compared to the LNP’s record of freezing registration costs for three years,” Mr Hart said.


Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson announced last week, wholesale electricity prices have increased by 70 per cent and Labor’s bungled water grid has seen bulk water price increases of 350 per cent.


He went on to say, “… the State Budget will show taxes per person increasing to $2,691 – a $34 increase since the last budget update just six months ago.’


Labor can’t keep treating Queenslanders as ATMs while debt increases, infrastructure spending is cut and cost of living rises.  

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