Hart Seeks Feedback on Greentape Reduction

28 Sep 2012 1:02 PMMichael Hart


The Newman Government is seeking public feedback on options to further reduce green tape for business, saving companies millions of dollars a year.


The proposed changes will cut green tape for motor vehicle workshops, boilermakers, small-scale manufactures and metal works as well as removing some regulations for the agriculture sector such as pig keeping and waste transportation

Michael Hart MP encouraged small business owners who may benefit from changes to regulation around Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs) to make a submission.

“The proposed changes include deleting some low risk environmentally relevant activities that could benefit close to 10,000 businesses operating with environmental licenses,” Mr Hart said.  

“There is the potential to provide savings of up to $6.77 million to businesses, in annual fees alone.”

“None of these options will hurt the environment as everyone still has to meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act.”

Business and the public can comment on proposed amendments to the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 and find out more information about greentape reduction by visiting: www.ehp.qld.gov.au/management/greentape/index.html


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