Hart stands with #TripleZeroTolerance

24 Feb 2016 1:53 PMMichael Hart


Hart stands with #TripleZeroTolerance

Member for Burleigh Michael Hart has called for bipartisan support of mandatory sentencing on those that assault Emergency Service workers.


‘These are the people who are going out and picking people up off the street…they deserve some respect. They do not deserve to be bashed for doing their job… I am pretty sure we are all in agreement on that,’ Mr Hart said in Parliament last night.


At his instigation, Michael met with representatives from the #TripleZeroTolerance group this week to talk about what our Emergency Services workers would like to see happen in reducing the number of assaults.


The group is run by Kyla Golds, an ambulance officer in the Burleigh electorate, and her husband, Greg, a critical care ambulance officer from New South Wales, with over 6100 supporters in their Facebook group.


‘…we spoke about whether ambulance officers should have tasers, and they are not interested in any of that. They are not interested in stab vests. They are not too interested in advertising. What they are interested in is there being some consequences for people who do assault our emergency services workers. What they would like to see is some sort of mandatory sentencing…’ said Mr Hart.


‘We have seen our Emergency Services workers campaigning outside courthouses this year in an effort to draw public attention to these cowardly assaults on their colleagues and its long overdue, people’s actions need to have consequences,’ said Mr Hart.


Mr Hart believes our Emergency Services workers need to feel safe doing their job and will continue to work with the #TripleZeroTolerance group to ensure they make it home safely to their families after caring for yours.



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