Labor throws open doors of criminal clubhouses in Burleigh

6 Apr 2016 7:29 AMMichael Hart


Labor throws open doors of criminal clubhouses in Burleigh

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

  • Palaszczuk is soft on crime and has rolled out the welcome mat to criminal gangs

  • Labor’s weak laws will see criminal clubhouses reopen and bikies congregating in force

  • Queenslanders expect government to keep them safe, not make it easier for thugs to set up shop

LNP Members on the Gold Coast have slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s watering down of criminal gang laws that could see dozens of clubhouses across Queensland reopen.

Member for Burleigh, Michael Hart, confirmed Black Ulans clubhouse in industrial Burleigh and the Hells Angels’ in Lemana Lane had been successfully shut down by the police, thanks to the LNP’s tough VLAD laws.

Michael Hart said Labor’s soft on crime approach meant it was only a matter of time before the clubhouses would again be teeming with gang members getting up to trouble.

“Let’s be clear, the Black Ulans and the Hells Angels’ are not a bearded bunch of kindly old men – they are an organised, criminal gang and they are coming back,” he said.

“Queenslanders should be able to go to sleep at night knowing these clubhouses, around the corner from where they live aren’t buzzing with illegal activity.

“Unfortunately the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s new laws won’t give them this peace of mind.”

Mr Hart said the new laws would see police tied up in lengthy legal proceedings, instead of preventing gangs from setting up shop. 

“Police will now be forced to apply to the Supreme Court to shut down a clubhouse,” he said.

“So if you have a bikie haunt in your back yard, it could take months or even years to get it shut down.

“Meanwhile, the drug deals, the wild parties and the other antics will continue and there won’t be anything anyone can do about it.”

 “Why would anyone want to remove laws that are tough on drug dealers, thugs, and standover men? I simply don’t understand the mindset of anyone that doesn’t applaud the VLAD laws” was but one comment made on Mr Hart’s facebook page this week.

“They will do anything to please their Union/criminal bikie buddies, even if it leaves Australians in danger and in constant fear. Sick scum, how did you people let this happen to my children? Shame,” from another concerned resident.

Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker said only the LNP had a track record of keeping Queenslanders safe.

“The LNP will continue to fight to ensure criminal thugs can no longer freely roam our streets and terrorise our citizens,” he said.

“We’ll protect Queenslanders and keep them safe where the Palaszczuk Labor Government has failed.”

Shadow Police Minister Jarrod Bleijie said the Premier’s scrapping of the LNP’s strong gang laws would see patched members once again gathering in force at clubhouses, with police powerless to stop them.

“This reckless decision by Premier Palaszczuk is yet another blow to police morale as they are stripped of the tools to crack down on crime,” he said.

“Our men and women in blue work tirelessly to keep our streets safe and it seems the Palaszczuk Labor Government is working against them.”

Key Facts:

  • The LNP’s strong anti-criminal gang laws were introduced in October 2013

  • More than 40 clubhouses from the Gold Coast to Cairns were shut down under the LNP

  • Other states, including Victoria and South Australia have sought to emulate the LNP’s laws

  • Criminal gang members are 25 times more likely to offend than general members of the community

  • The inquiry found criminal gang members responsible for 76 per cent of illicit drugs in community

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