Labor votes against cheap and reliable energy in Queensland

26 Oct 2017 10:22 AMMichael Hart


Labor votes against cheap and reliable energy in Queensland

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


  • Labor votes down motion in Parliament calling for reliable and cheap energy in Queensland

  • Queensland’s energy security under a cloud because of Labor’s reckless energy policies

  • Modelling shows a 50 per cent renewable energy target would add $200 a year to the average power bill


Labor Deputy Premier Jackie Trad has called the LNP’s push for reliable energy supply, reduced power prices and more jobs in regional Queensland “stupid” during a motion* debate in the Queensland Parliament tonight.


LNP Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart said the Palaszczuk Government’s reckless push to renewables was aided by the Katter Australia Party, whose two MPs failed to show up to a vote which failed by just one vote, sentencing their constituents in North Queensland to higher power prices and less reliability.


“Queensland’s energy security remains under a cloud because of the Palaszczuk Government’s reckless green energy policies, which will do nothing except raise power prices,” Mr Hart said.


“Annastacia Palaszczuk should listen to the warnings and ditch her crazy 50 per cent renewable energy policy.


“This week we have seen modelling prepared for the Climate Change Authority exposing a 50 per cent renewable energy target similar to the Palaszczuk Government’s would add $200 a year to the average power bill.


“Labor shouldn’t be gambling with Queensland’s energy future and thousands of jobs in regional Queensland just to appease the Greens in a bid to keep themselves in government.


“Even worse, we heard absolute nonsense from the Energy Minister tonight who said solar power can be baseload power for Queenslanders – Mark Bailey must live in a fairyland where the sun shines brightly 24 hours a day.”


Mr Hart said unlike Labor’s reckless renewable energy target, the LNP’s plan would support the responsible development of renewable energy projects and provide Queenslanders with reliable and affordable power.


“The LNP’s renewable energy policy is sensible and will not threaten Queensland’s energy security, while putting downward pressure on power prices for families,” Mr Hart said.


“The LNP understands renewables have a role to play in Queensland’s future energy landscape and that’s why we’ll be setting up a one-stop shop to facilitate approvals for renewable energy projects.


“We will maintain energy security by constantly monitoring intermittent generation for any threat to reliability of supply for Queenslanders.


“The LNP’s renewable energy policy will encourage renewable energy supply without expecting all Queenslanders to subsidise new technologies.


“Only the LNP will ease cost of living pressures for Queenslanders so that we can create jobs, build stronger families and provide safe and liveable communities.”


* The motion debated in Queensland Parliament: This house condemns the Palaszczuk Government for increasing reliance on intermittent power and not supporting a new reliable, high-efficiency, low-emission coal-fired power plant in North Queensland which would increase supply, reduce prices and support more jobs.


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