More Police and DNA Spray will help

15 Jun 2012 12:00 AMMichael Hart


Michael Hart State Member for Burleigh helped today to install DNA criminal marking technology at the Gold Coast Seniors Tennis club, to deter further break-ins. He took the opportunity to cement the LNP’s position of putting more police on the beat.

“I am pleased that this local company has come on board to help the tennis club in deterring thieves from needless break-ins.” said Mr Hart

“The Tennis club had been broken into numerous times over the past few months and this technology in conjunction with the police will be a great step forward in stopping them.”


“Anyone breaking into this property or any of the other clubs and businesses around Burleigh that have this technology fitted will be sprayed with DNA that is detectable under a black light by police”


“In my talks with police all of them are of the same opinion that they need more blue shirts on the beat not police stuck behind desks.”


“I am pleased to be able to announce that of the nine new police coming to the Gold Coast four have been allocated to the Burleigh area”


“The next intake will start at the end of the month and will go further in providing the Gold Coast with an additional 100 officers”


“This commitment is part of the $275 million committed to recruit 1100 additional officers across the state including 200 officers being redeployed to the front line where they are needed most”


“Shop fronts don’t deter criminal activity, its police out on the beat and patrolling our local area that stop this kind of brainless crime that is happening here”


“With more police numbers, two new police helicopters on the way and deterrents such as DNA spray technology there will be a significant drop in crime.


“I want all the constituents of Burleigh to know that I am committed to fighting for more police and making Burleigh the safest place to live in Queensland, I will continue to fight for even more police and promote local security businesses” said Mr Hart




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