Organised Crime

6 Sep 2016 1:47 PM



Queensland Parliament Hansard Green

DATE: 01/09/2016


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Mr HART (Burleigh—LNP) (4.35 pm): There you see a prime example of what is wrong with this state when the Labor Party is in charge. Unfortunately, the Labor members over there have completely missed the point of the issue. Why would they not know what is going on in the Gold Coast? The fact is that they do not have any members down there. They never come to the Gold Coast so they cannot see what the issues are. This whole issue was triggered by problems that occurred at Broadbeach. This is about the safety of the people of Queensland; this is about the safety of our families; this is about the safety of our children; this is about the safety of our parents—

Mr SPEAKER: Member for Burleigh, I apologise for interrupting. Minister for Police and Attorney-General, you will be warned if you persist with your interjections.

Mr HART: Thank you for your protection, Mr Speaker. Like I need it from those over there, because they are quite lily-livered. They have no idea about what the issues are on the Gold Coast. The LNP’s very strong laws shut down bikies on the Gold Coast. They shut down bikie clubhouses in my electorate. I had the Hells Angels in my electorate in Lemana Lane. They had fortified their clubhouse. They had brought people up from Sydney. They were entrenching themselves in Burleigh. The Black Uhlans were in Harley Drive out in West Burleigh. Their clubhouse is closed down but it is still there. Then the Hells Angels came along and tried to set up another clubhouse in Ern Harley Drive which was discovered in 2014.

If we take the foot off the neck of these bikies they will come straight back. I do not think anybody on this side of the House really believes for a second that the bikies disappeared off the face of the earth. They are still around and they are still breaking the law, but they are not visible on the Gold Coast and that is what scares everybody on the Gold Coast. It is the bikies who go into restaurants and it is the bikies who go down the street in their colours that scare people. People on the Gold Coast feel much safer because of the strong LNP laws, and if the members opposite try to take those laws away I can tell you that they will never, ever win a seat on the Gold Coast because the people of the Gold Coast will not ever vote for them. You only have to look at the Gold Coast Bulletin to see how the people of the Gold Coast think of the Labor Party. Here is a cartoon from yesterday which shows a cuddly pet and a bikie—

Mr HINCHLIFFE: I rise to a point of order. There have been rulings made about props in the House.

Mr SPEAKER: Member for Burleigh, will you please table it. Just table it.

Mr HART: I am—

Mr SPEAKER: Just table it.

Mr HART: I am—

Mr SPEAKER: Just table it. No. Our staff are standing behind you so table it, please.

Mr HART: Mr Speaker, I will table—

Mr SPEAKER: I will warn you. Just table it.

Mr HART: I am tabling the document, Mr Speaker.

Mr SPEAKER: Thank you. Now you can continue.

Mr HART: I also table two documents—from yesterday’s Gold Coast Bulletin and Courier-Mail—that talk about 100 bikies that came through Waterford in a very intimidating way.

Tabled paper: Bundle of newspaper articles, various dates, regarding outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The people who observed that were undoubtedly intimidated. I can tell members opposite that the moment the Labor Party was elected bikies on the Gold Coast got back on their bikes, got into their colours and roared out on to the streets—the following day. That happened in my electorate, with a dozen bikies going wild up the street, revving up their Harleys and completely flouting the law. We have laws in this state for a very good reason. They are there to protect our citizens. -001 PAGE: 2

A government member interjected.

Mr HART: I take that interjection from the member opposite. They are our laws and they worked. The Labor Party intends to completely unravel those laws.

We heard the Minister for Industrial Relations a short time ago when she introduced a bill. She is there to wipe out what the former LNP government did. That is also what the changes to these laws will attempt to do. It does not matter whether what we did was good, bad or indifferent; it is apparently bad and has to be excised from the books.

Ms Donaldson interjected.

Mr HART: I can tell the minister what will happen down there. We will see an explosion in drugs. We will see an explosion in crime. We are already starting to see that, because the bikies and criminals of every type on the Gold Coast appreciate that the Labor Party is weak on crime and weak on law and order and they intend to come roaring back. As I said, this is about the safety of our children, our parents and our families. They deserve better than the Labor Party.


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