Palaszczuk Labor Government, Performance

27 May 2016 11:17 AMMichael Hart


Queensland Parliament Hansard Green
DATE: 19/04/2016
SUBJECT: Palaszczuk Labor Government, Performance
Palaszczuk Labor Government, Performance
Mr HART (Burleigh—LNP) (10.10 pm): How interesting is that? I was in Maryborough last week and I spoke to a number of people. The fact is that the member for Maryborough apparently does not meet with anybody. He does not talk to anybody. You cannot get a meeting with him no matter what you do. It is really interesting that a member over there would stand up and tell us how to be good members in our electorates when he has no idea how to be a good member in his electorate. That follows on from the debacle that we have seen tonight. We have had a conga line of lemming members of the Labor Party all talk about—
Ms Trad interjected.
Mr HART: I am sorry, member for South Brisbane. I cannot hear what you are saying. If you want to be a bit louder, please do so. We have had a conga line of lemming members of the Labor Party get up here tonight and talk about 1 William Street. They talked about the Queen’s Wharf development and how good that is, but they have not given any credit to the people who did the work on that project.
They have completely ignored all of their failures—all of their failures like the Gold Coast desalination plant, the rusting piece of infrastructure down there on the Gold Coast that is costing $35 million a year to run; the Western Corridor Recycled Water Project, which does not pump any water anywhere, which was never finished and was never tested. It has absolutely no use but costs something like $9 billion that was added to the state’s credit card, to the state’s debt. They just ignore all of that.
The previous government was looking at the debt that the previous Labor government had put us in. We are heading very fast towards $100 billion worth of debt. We are at $85 billion worth of debt now. We just ignore all of that. We just ignore all of those things. Instead, we will organise some trains that cannot go through tunnels. We will organise some trains that do not have any seats in them. We will build a dam that has no pipes. We will buy a lot of land in the Mary River and then we will not go ahead with the Traveston Dam and we will waste $400 million. Let us not worry about any of that. Instead, we will form some more Public Service quangos. We will establish Building Queensland and then we will not send it anything to do and we will spend $14 million. We will have 20-odd staff but we will not send it anything to do. I do not know how many times I have asked the Deputy Premier how many projects have been sent to Building Queensland—nothing.
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