Palaszczuk Labor Government playing politics with jobs

16 May 2016 9:47 AMMichael Hart


Palaszczuk Labor Government playing politics with jobs


Member for Burleigh, Michael Hart MP, calls out Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations for playing politics with invitations to today’s employment forum on the Gold Coast.


“In her media release, Ms Grace said the employment forum on the Gold Coast, would be attended by representatives from business, industry and local government,’ said Mr Hart.


“Today I have personally spoken to the Councillor for Division 12 who didn’t receive an invite and to the Burleigh Vice President of the Central Chamber of Commerce who didn’t even know the event was on.”

“I am also advised the Small Business Association of Australia was not invited.”

“I haven’t been invited and surely any forum to kick-start job generation on the Gold Coast shouldn’t be a place for politics with all key stakeholders invited to play their part.”


Where national unemployment is forecast to drop to 5.5 per cent in 2016-17, in Queensland it is forecast at 6.5 per cent.


Many Queensland regions are struggling with youth unemployment, with youth unemployment at 22.3 per cent in Cairns and 31.3 per cent in Queensland Outback.


The only place the Government is growing jobs is within the already bloated public service and Queenslanders will see just how much that is costing them when the Budget is handed down in June.


“In their words, this Palaszczuk Labor Government claims they will continue to listen to businesses, local government and the community about what’s needed to support more Queenslanders getting jobs yet they don’t invite them to be heard at forums,” said Mr Hart.


Queensland is frozen and sliding backwards under a Palaszczuk Labor Government too busy playing politics and pandering to union mates to enact a real plan to take our great State forward.

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