Public housing anti-social behaviour policy under development

2 Nov 2012 11:54 AMMichael Hart


The Member for Burleigh Michael Hart MP has been advised by Housing and Public Works Minister Dr Flegg that the Newman Government would ensure taxpayers money invested in essential public housing stock was protected by a policy hardening on those who abuse the system.

“The overwhelming majority of public housing tenants do the right thing, however there is a minority whose anti-social behaviour can affect the lives of those around them,” Mr Hart said.

The Government is proposing to crack down on these unruly tenants by asking them to leave if they receive three strikes within 12 months for disruptive behaviour like noisy parties, vandalism or destroying property.

“If tenants have engaged in assault, acts of violence or drug manufacturing, the Department of Housing would immediately initiate legal action to evict them. 

“The Newman Government wants to send a clear message to this minority that if they don’t appreciate their homes, there are plenty of others who will.

“We will need to include measures to ensure people don’t become homeless as a result, however initial evidence from a similar policy in Western Australia indicates people are modifying their behaviour after one or two strikes,” Mr Hart said.


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