Rowdy tenants to receive three strikes

4 Apr 2013 1:34 PMMichael Hart



Rowdy tenants to receive three strikes


Rogue public housing tenants in Burleigh will soon face stricter penalties for bad behaviour with the Newman Government today launching a “three-strikes and you’re out” policy.

Member for Burleigh Michael Hart said from July 1 the new plan would see problem tenants evicted if they failed to curb their behaviour.

“This strategy is about restoring individual responsibility to social housing and letting bad tenants know that there are consequences for anti-social behaviour,” Mr Hart said.

“Most social housing tenants do the right thing but there are some who treat their neighbours and the taxpayers with complete contempt.

 “People in Burleigh need to realise that public housing is a privilege that comes with certain responsibilities.”

Under the new policy, tenants would be evicted if they received three strikes in a 12 month period for things like hosting out-of-control parties, aggressive behaviour or vandalism.

Tenants found to have caused extensive damage to the property or engaged in unlawful behaviour like manufacturing drugs would face immediate eviction.

People evicted under the new policy will be ineligible to reapply for social housing for three months.

Fast Facts:

  • There are currently 23,000 households waiting for social housing in Queensland with more than half classified as High or Very High need.
  • Between 2008 and 2011 tenants were issued with a combined 103,126 breach notices.
  • Over the same period, just 320 households were issued with a termination order
  • Last year unruly tenants did more than $5 million worth of damage to government owned properties.


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