Statement surrounding the Queensland Competition Authority’s final determination for Regional Queens

16 Jun 2017 12:13 PMMichael Hart


“There isn’t a Queensland family or a business Labor won’t hurt due to their terrible electricity policies.


“Queenslanders should be disgusted that Labor are giving themselves a pat on the back for increasing electricity prices across the state.


“Wholesale electricity prices have increased by more than 70 per cent on Labor’s watch, because Labor uses electricity as yet another way to rip off taxpayers.


“Labor’s terrible electricity prices mean Queenslanders are paying more than any other state for green schemes but have less renewable power than every other state.


“Labor has been gouging families, small businesses and households with higher wholesale electricity prices.


“Labor has admitted that they are manipulating the electricity market. 


“Labor has ripped more than $2 billion of dividends out of the electricity generators and with an election looming has decided to give less than half the money back.


“It’s a money merry-go-round and when the music stops the families, small businesses and industry are always paying.


“Labor was elected on a promise to lower electricity prices – they have broken yet another promise. 


“Labor quite simply need to go.”


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