Tallebudgera Recreation Centre

31 May 2012 12:00 AMMichael Hart


Mr HART (Burleigh—LNP) (3.10 pm): As I flagged in my maiden speech, there are quite a few underutilised resources in my electorate. I rise to speak about one of those today—the Tallebudgera Recreation Centre incorporating the Tallebudgera Leisure Centre. In 2004 the previous government spent $18 million to refurbish this facility. Unfortunately, that is about the last thing that government did with that facility.

As usual, the previous Labor government spent a lot of money building a fantastic facility and then left it there to rot. The centre has been tied up in government red tape and restricted by budget processes and a severe lack of flexibility. Does that sound familiar?

The Tallebudgera Recreation Centre is in a geographically prime location, with access to patrolled beaches, public transport, major infrastructure—such as airports, highways and shopping precincts— residential, commercial and holiday accommodation as well as primary schools and secondary schools. There seems to be vast amounts of unutilised floor, office and green space within its secure boundary. The region surrounding the Tallebudgera Recreation Centre has a high degree of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, but the centre does not seem to be promoted in any fashion whatsoever, and it could be a tourist attraction.

The hours of operation are very problematic and the pricing model that is used for its facilities is cumbersome to say the least. There does not appear to be any green or energy efficient assets. There is another surprise. The facilities are of a very high standard and the multipurpose indoor courts are in great condition. The gym has quality equipment. The swimming pool is 25 metres long and it has disabled access. Rope courses and fields are in good order and are well maintained. The facility has boardrooms and conference rooms that are in great condition and they could be utilised a lot more. It has very good audiovisual facilities but they do not appear to be used at all. Marketing does not appear to happen. What a surprise. Lighting in the main indoor 300-seat stadium is of poor quality.

There are a lot of things that we could be doing with this facility. We could be running a community garden. We could be running community health and wellbeing programs, and I know there are people in the area who would like to be doing that with this facility. We could be running health programs. We could be holding AGMs, board meetings or community meetings there. We could have visits from elite sporting teams. I have reviewed their business plan and I must say that it is a very ordinary document. It talks a lot and it takes you nowhere—a bit like the previous Labor government. It is losing $800,000 a year with no plan for the future.


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